u4ic Brewing's story started when 2 brothers, Jeff and Dave Luskey, and their good friend Kurt Fossen decided they had a craving for more flavor than what was offered in 1989. The trio decided to start home-brewing their own beer. Over time, they continued developing recipes and brewing small batches of beer for their friends and their families to enjoy. Dave built a small brewery in his house for the three of them to use. They brewed everything from lagers to imperial stouts. In 2012, Kurt and Jeff decided that they wanted to take the brews to a commercial level and established themselves as u4ic Brewing, Incorporated. They obtained an old creamery building located in the picturesque Minnesota River Valley in Blakeley, MN., just 4 miles south of Belle Plaine. In 2014, Dave joined the partnership, bringing it back to the original trio. Over 4 years, the trio obtained and re-purposed equipment and renovated the building to suit their needs. In January of 2016, the taproom and brewery opened to the public for the first time. With 24 taps and over 300 recipes (including a delicious nonalcoholic root beer), the brewery quickly became a local favorite. From the Le Sueur Lager to the Dave's Wicked Ass Imperial Chocolate Milk Porter, u4ic Brewing always has different beers to try. There are food trucks available onsite for your dining needs. We, at u4ic Brewing, hope you will enjoy our beers and we thank you for your continued support!

-u4ic Staff

Founders from left to right, Jeff Luskey, Kurt Fossen, and Dave Luskey